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I am a Dealer of Vintage & Designer Clothing & Accessories and I run this community. I originally created this community for local Seattle Fashion and now for the world (wide web).

If you work in Retail and want to advertise a Sale here thats relatively local or online, feel free.

Looking for something in particular? Ask here...we may know where to find it.

If you are a designer, or need models for a show, etc, give us a holler! (I've done fashion shows in my day...I can help on all accounts if you need advice, resources, etc)

Also, if you have links you want to post that aren't local, or its for your own (fashion-related) site, GO FOR IT!!!

If you've got stuff up on Ebay, post here about it for more advertising. Or, need help putting stuff online? Email me.

I sell items on consignment for people who don't have the time to do it all themselves. Know someone with a closet or basement full of clothes they want to sell or donate? Let me know, I can help sort it all out. I do work with people in other states, so don't let distance hold you back from asking for my help in selling your items on consignment!

Offering services? Dry cleaning, Salon Services, Tailoring, etc? Know of a *great* place? Let us know where to go!

********Please put all pictures behind a cut tag. NO SPAM PLEASE! If you spam the community you will automatically be removed from the community with no warning!*********

Thats all for now...this is subject to change, and will be updated as needed.